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mercredi 29 avril 2020

Aquarelles Confinées

Aquarelles réalisées ces derniers jours, pendant le confinement

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Laureen, looks like you are making good use of your confinement. PLease stay safe and healthy. We are all well--our farm in the countryside is a good place to be now. With friendship and Love, Hank

    1. Hello Hank, thank you for this message. It is sometimes difficult to keep working on personal projects, but drawing from life helps me. I am in the suburb of Paris, and lucky to have a garden. Stay safe and healthy too, Claudia and you.

  2. Hello Laureen,
    j'aime beaucoup avec les couleurs légères.
    Ma préférée : les plantes !
    Prends soin de toi

    1. Merci Jenny!! Ca fait du bien de dessiner d'après nature! Ca détend! bisous