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lundi 4 février 2019

Jabba the Hut Drawings & Watercolors
All the watercolors are sold on this Etsy Page
Please visit the Facebook page related to the Jabba's Palace Playset Artistic Edition

2 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful, Laureen, why not submit this stuff to a magazine or newspaper? Your friend always, Henri

  2. Thank you very much Henri.
    I made those Drawings, working on an artistic edition of a Jabba's Palace Playset (inspired from a 1983 one). It is a 215 limited hand signed edition.
    Here is the FB page for this project:

    Yes, of course it would be great to get those Drawings published in a newspaper...if you know some toys store (like Star Wars, Comics store…) I contact diferent places to exhibit the Playset…
    I invite you to visit the Fb page,
    Thank you again Hank!!